Why Real Men Don't Say H.A.M!


Am I the only guy here where when I hear the phrase “I’m going H.A.M tonight!” I think that person is going to make a sandwich? This is seriously one of the most annoying things I hear in the weight room now. I will take the term S.W.A.G over using H.A.M!

Yes, yes before you guys go off on me “But Kanye and Jay-Z!” I get it. I too like that beat when it goes off in the weight room, however I cannot get over the term of people saying “H.A.M!” and trying to be all hardcore.

Why do real men not say this? Because if they do go “hard as a mother f*cker” they don’t have to pronounce it to the world because the world is already seeing it happen.

When Dan Green (Powerlifter World Record Holder) goes under the bar and back squats 600+ pounds he just does it. No smack talk, no hype man, he just does it.

When Brian Shaw (World’s Strongest Man 2013) Deadlifts 900+ pounds he just does it. When Cain Velasquez (UFC Heavyweight Champion) beats people’s asses, he just does it. Joey Chestnut (World Eating Champion) out eats his competition because he can, not because he says H.A.M 1,294,303 times before he competes.

I hope you see where I am going with this. The people I have mentioned skip the nonsense and get right to the point. They focused, took action, and rose to the top to become the best of the best amongst men.

If you find yourself saying this word on a daily basis it’s ok, there are help centers that can help you overcome this. These help centers usually contain iron in the form of weights and are utilized by real men and women who push real numbers. Once you enroll in program, you too can be amongst real men who push real numbers. 

Now stop talking about pork and lift some iron you sandwich artist!!!