Don't Follow Your Dreams.


I’ve been to my fair share of “follow your dreams” conferences and as much as I love the positive energy and enthusiasm spewing out of these individuals who have achieved “massive amounts of success” and “financial freedom,” I can’t help but dwell on the fact that the majority of of their audience who they are trying to inspire will most likely reach failure. I sound like a pessimist but it’s so damn true. I’ve seen it time and time again. A majority of people who pursue their dreams and feel as if they’re invincible will quickly realize they’re not as invulnerable as they once thought.  

They realize that it takes way more work and patience to get to where they want to be. They start to feel the risk they are taking, how each success of every day is not certain. Fear and anxiety quickly sets in as their counterparts within the same industry seem to be growing and succeeding.

You start at a high of unicorns and pixiedust and then the fists of reality beats you the fuck up and snaps you out of la-la land and I say  “Good.”

Why am I so dark when it comes to this subject?

Because when I hear “successful people” tell other people “GO FOR YOUR DREAMS! THEY CAN COME TRUE! JUST THINK POSITIVE AND EVERYTHING WILL FALL INTO PLACE!” I call bull shit. These “successful people” are the snake oil salesmen of inspiration and motivation.

In my eyes, they’re not truly successful.

If you’re a starving individual with limited access to food I highly doubt positive thinking will get you far. “Just think of a nice juicy steak in front of you! You’ll make it!”

People need to realize that in order to become “successful” they need to put in so much work and hustle. It should be so much so that when they finally reach their success it should be met with “Fuck that sucked, but definitely worth it.”

When you arrive at the destination of “success” you should look like you just survived walking 300+ days through the Sahara Desert, yet many people visualize arriving at their goal looking all shiny and pristine.

You see, when people who are truly successful hear about other people’s hopes and dreams they don’t automatically say “YES! GO FOR IT! YOU CAN DO IT!”

You know what they do? They just give them a nod of acknowledgement to their notions and they wait.

Truly successful people wait to see if these hopefuls will be just as enthusiastic and positive a few months or years down the line if they run into each other again.

As I said before, people usually start at a huge high and once they realize the gauntlet of life, tend to retreat into their comfortable way of mediocrity.

The few who push through the obstacles come out stronger, harder, and wiser. They don’t have that same enthusiasm, positive energy or obliviousness. They’re more calm and focused. They realize that what they are pursuing is not a dream but a way of life that they have committed to achieve.

Their destiny is to live this success they once perceived to be unattainable and they understand that it will take every ounce of their will and effort to make sure it happens.

It is only with this realization that those who are truly successful will lend out a hand for help and become a mentor.

They understand because they’ve been through it and the last thing they want to see is someone who has survived the same journey they have traversed only to fail at the end.  

It’s not about following your dreams. It’s about realizing that what you truly hope to accomplish has to be a way of life, that no matter what happens you are committed to success.

You are committed to hard work, long days, sacrifices, learning from failure, overcoming doubt, bracing fear, and keeping your goal in mind every step in the way. You’re not following your dreams because once you earned this lifestyle of success through blood, sweat and tear no one can ever wake you up from it.