3 Guaranteed Ways to Attain Results and Gains!


If you find yourself complaining about why you are not getting results, you’re doing it wrong. Do you want solid advice on how to really make a change? Here’s three; Shut up, focus, and outwork everyone.

Shut up!

Adults hate it when kids complain. Adults also hate it when they hear each other complain. Why? Because we all have our own personal battles with life and hearing someone else complaining about their own can get a bit extraneous.

You can feel empathy towards those who have been in similar situations you were in from the past and offer advice, that’s normal. It gets unnecessary when that person expects a pity party because they perceive that the whole world is against them.

If you find yourself complaining and blaming everyone other than yourself for the lack of change in your health you need to take a long hard look in the mirror to confront the true culprit.

Not seeing change and you want to do something about it?

Start by shutting up.

Change your mentality of always complaining about how sorry you feel for yourself. When you find yourself wanting to whine about how you got the shitty end of the stick, shut it. No one wants to hear it but they won’t say that to your face. It will fall upon deaf ears at the end since everyone is, again, busy fighting their own battles.

Which brings me to my next tip…


Focus on your own personal fight against whatever issue that you are struggling with. You and only you know the ins and outs of what are truly your weaknesses and strengths. No one knows how to conquer your personal issues other than you!

You have to realize that no one can be in your head, analyze all your issues, and give you a full proof plan to get to where you want to be. Only you know how it feels when you face your deepest fears. Only you know the rush you get when you do something you are passionate about.

You need to take all that you know about yourself, figure out what has not been working for you and what has, and adjust. This needs to be a constant cycle and this very act itself requires your utmost focus.

Which leads me to my final tip…

Outwork Everyone!

I understand that in reality it’s hard to outwork everyone but that is the kind of mentality that gets people from where they currently are to where they want to be! I am dead serious. You need to be in the mindset where you will outwork anyone else who has the same goal as you.

This is does not mean to be a show boat and take to social media and post every little thing that you do, such as meal prep, gym selfies and so on. (Movements are fine). You need to “hustle and be humble” or you’d just be an asshole.

You need to dedicate every ounce of your will power to focus on your goal because believe it or not, even that won’t be enough. There’s plenty of literature revealing that human will power is not enough to make a change.

You have to want it bad enough by committing to changing your lifestyle, your old way of thinking, the way you have perceived the world, and embrace an altered, enlightened view for the better lifestyle that you crave. This is possible by devoting yourself to a relentless work ethic where you will not stop and do everything in your power both physically and mentally to get to where you want to be.

So shut up, focus, get to work and make it happen!