Why Lifting Heavy is the New "Thing"

One of our members Rexxelle competing in her first Powerlifting Meet!

One of our members Rexxelle competing in her first Powerlifting Meet!

There’s been plenty of fitness trends during my 10+ years in the industry.

Now, I’m seeing everyone wanting to just lift heavy, especially women! Take the United States Powerlifting Association for example. Women membership jumped from barely 1% to 30% of total member base within the last 5 years!

In my opinion, this new lifting heavy phase is awesome!

Before and after pictures are great and inspiring, but aesthetics will soon fade with age. One thing that will stay with you throughout your whole life though is absolute strength. The more you build upon it now, the more you will have it later down the line, as long as you maintain it.

The main reason why this new trend is so satisfying to see grow is that people genuinely want that intrinsic reward of being a stronger version of themselves.

Let’s face it, the fitness industry is mostly based on looks. Image and perception of how the world sees an individual is of great importance according to the majority of consumers. Taking a 1000+ selfies in the perfect lighting in order to get that ONE pic that will gain a 999+ likes has been the norm and it shouldn’t.

What I see happening now is that there is a growing number of people that are saying “Fuck that, we just want to lift some heavy ass weight!”

Brands such as “Bacon & Barbells” and “Doughnuts & Deadlifts” are amassing an ever increasing following focused on lifting heavy and eating happily. This is awesome!

Why the change?

I truly think it is because of the “fuck it” mentality and how more and more people are starting to get sick of the grind; taking fat burners and eating out of tupperware to get those abs to come out for that one perfect day you need to take an awesome picture or be on stage or whatever. People just want to lift and see how truly strong they can get. The mentality of “Screw what other people think of me, I wanna see how truly strong I am and the only person to prove it to is myself.” is becoming more prominent, and this is a good thing.

Not only will young people benefit from this trending phase, but baby boomers will as well. You can talk all you want about how sexy and awesome your gym is and how it appeals to the younger, “cool” crowds, but the demographic who has the real “fuck you” money are the Baby Boomers.

They’re retiring with money to throw around and want to live a long and healthy life and one of the things they’re realizing is the monumental importance of keeping their strength up in order to keep up with their ambitious retirement activities; a popular one being traveling the world!

In essence, lifting heavy is the “new thing” because more people are starting to get tired of trying to kill themselves for social approval and the older demographic are starting realize how important that shit is to extend their quality of life.