Why You're Still Weak

From years of observing people train within the fitness industry I’ve noticed two types: Those who always get stronger and those who stay weak.

It’s easy to go on and on about those who constantly get stronger. They’re motivated, have an unbelievable drive, are always open minded, constantly want to challenge themselves, etc.

No one ever seems to talk about those who fail to improve themselves. Some of you may even feel like you’re one of the unlucky ones who just never catches a break and will always remain weak. Let’s dive into why these individuals travel the never ending road of non-improvement.

People who stay weak cannot be around people who constantly get better. Why? They’re two totally different mind-sets. One way of thinking is of constant hunger and drive. The other way of thinking is of incessant pride and comfort.

Everyone has that one friend who always thinks they know it all. “I can google it and do it myself. I don’t need anyone’s helps cause the best way to do something is the way I’m going to do it for me.” For the most part they can do a decent job in doing it themselves, but unless they are fully dedicated to that one specific thing they will never produce great results.

Mediocrity is the result of being complacent with doing everything to the point where it’s enough to just get the job done. Help is never required. Assistance is refused upon because

“Why do I need to spend my time and resources on someone else when this job can be done myself.”

They refuse to place themselves in a position of asking for help as it may deem them as “vulnerable” but it is this very action that keeps them weak.

It pisses a lot of coaches off. No joke. We get approached by so many people who want to be strong which is great since they’re breaking that barrier of “Asking for help.” It is evident though that when sound advice is not accepted that is when pride and excuses grow and the weak stay where they are. It’s the mindset of “well if I do it that way I won’t be able to do it my way and I FEEL my way works better for ME.”

To put in a nutshell the place where weakness grows and dominates is in the zone of comfort. In anyone’s comfort zone they’re dominant, confident and everything around them is how it should be. They are the King or Queen of the realm. Growth doesn’t occur because in their world they’re the APEX predator. Things are done their way and just the way they like it. This is why the weak stay weak.

This post wasn’t about making GAINS. It was more about improving as a person. Within the fitness industry it is ALWAYS the individuals who seek help and are open to advice that pushes themselves out of their comfort zones who reap all the rewards of being a better version of themselves and surpassing even their own expectations. How? It is that very outside force that constantly challenges them to look at their own problems in different ways in order to find a better solution. They take that risk of being vulnerable in order to have a chance of attaining something above and beyond!  This is how the strong always get stronger.

In your journey in pursuing whatever you want to do it will always come down to one thing; do you stay safely on the road of comfort or take the leap off the cliff of greatness?