Hyper Initiatives

Hyper Conditioning - This isn't even your final form!

Boxing Conditioning

No barbell lifting or crazy dynamic oly lifts. These classes focus on total calorie burnage! An individual may burn up to over 9000 calories a month if they were to take these classes every day. Utilize your body weight while learning unconventional methods of movement to maximize your fat loss potential. Battle through steel mace flows, kettlebell challenges, TRX circuits, boxing classes and metcons to attain total transformation! 

Other classes under this program

  • Boxing Conditioning
  • TRX
  • Active Recovery
  • Epic Bootcamp

HYPER Barbell Club - The force is strong in this one!

Team up with other members who are of the same power and skill level as you and lift together on a steady but ever changing program under the guide and tutelage of our coaching staff. We harness the true power of the Squat Bench and Deadlift to unleash the great power dwelling within you. We have proven ourselves in front of the United States Powerlifting Association and have attained permission to start training young padawans who are lifting sensitive. 

Other classes under this program

  • Level 1 Lifting
  • Olympic Lifting Fundamentals